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What is Roasted Green Tea? – Directly Dried tea is called Roasted Green Tea.

What is Roasted Green Tea?

What is Roasted Green Tea?

Directly dried tea is called roasted green tea.

The roasted green tea is dried in an oven cage. Most of the roasted green tea is processed into smoked scented tea, and its aroma is generally not as high as that of fried green tea.

Baked green tea can be divided into stick-shaped tea, pointed tea, sliced ​​tea, needle-shaped tea and so on because of its shape.

Bar roasted green tea is produced in the main tea-producing areas;

Pointed and sliced ​​teas are mainly produced in Anxi, Zhejiang and other provinces.

Among the green teas with high quality, there are Huangshan Maofeng, Taiping Monkey Kui, Lu’an Guapian, Jingting Luxue, Tianshan Green Tea, Guzhi Purple Bamboo Shoots, Jiangshan Green Peony, Emei Maofeng, Jinshui Cuifeng, Nannuo Bai Mo and so on.


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