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Smokers Should Drink Green Tea Often

Smokers Should Drink Green Tea Often

Smokers Should Drink Green Tea Often

The public has long recognized that smoking is prone to lung cancer. In order to prevent cancer and anti-cancer, Jun is advised to drink green tea often. According to scientific analysis: Each hundred grams of green tea contains 253 mg of methionine, 14.8 g of edible fiber, 332 mg of potassium, 1.57 mg of copper, 4.24 micrograms of zinc, 247 mg of magnesium, 2.5 mg of carotene, 15.2 mg of VF, and 10.3 mg of VB . Trace element zinc is related to the activity of enzymes and metabolism in the body; carotene has the function of inhibiting the generation and growth of cancer cells; trace elements such as magnesium and selenium are important for myocardial function and prevent oxides from damaging cell membranes. Recently, according to scientific research results reported by foreign medical journals such as SHI and the like, decaffeinated green flowers can inhibit early changes in carcinogenesis caused by potential tobacco-specific carcinogens in test tubes. In test tubes, decaffeinated green tea strongly and strongly inhibits the oxidation of specific carcinogens and the methylation of DNA caused by specific carcinogens.

Decaffeinated Green Tea Extracts

Preventive check of decaffeinated green tea extracts on mice injected with specific carcinogens can reduce tumor proliferation to <56% and mice with lung adenocarcinoma to <20%; when injected specifically Five weeks after the sexual carcinogen, restarting treatment with green tea can still reduce tumor proliferation. Tea can not only clear heat, diuretic, refreshing, but also an excellent drink for smokers to prevent cancer and cancer. ———- Tea drinking can reduce the harm of smoking According to a survey report on smoking jointly completed by the World Health Organization, the Imperial Cancer Research Foundation and the American Cancer Society, One person dies from a disease caused by smoking, and at least 3.15 million people worldwide die each year from smoking, and this number is still increasing; and China has more than 300 million smokers and consumes cigarettes every year More than 15 billion stems, accounting for more than 30% of the world’s total consumption. 70% of middle-aged men in China smoke, and every minute one person dies from smoking. If the number of smokers in China is still increasing, five people are expected to die from smoking every minute.

Smokers often drink tea

This is undoubtedly a warning sign for smokers. From a health perspective, it is imperative to quit smoking. For smokers who have difficulty quitting smoking for a while, drinking tea is the best way to reduce the harm of smoking. Because tea polyphenols, vitamin C and other ingredients in the tea have a degrading effect on various harmful substances contained in cigarettes, smoking while drinking tea, the toxins can be continuously released with tea drinking and excreted through the feces. Smokers often drink tea, there are four major benefits: First, it can reduce the possibility of smoking-induced cancer. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, more than 50 of which are carcinogens, and absorption through the respiratory tract is most conducive to the spread of carcinogens in these cigarettes throughout the body.

Disadvantages of Smoking

Long-term smoking can not only cause lung cancer, but also esophageal, laryngeal, pancreatic, and kidney cancer. Bleeding cancer and other cancers, especially lung cancer patients account for 80% to 99.5% of smokers. Researchers at the Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, USA, clarified the relationship between smoking and lung cancer from a molecular perspective, and pointed out that the mutations caused by smoking are the direct cause of lung tumors. Tea drinking has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. Tea polyphenols in tea can inhibit the release of free radicals and control the proliferation of cancer cells. Free radicals are a group of harmful “garbage” produced by the body during the process of respiratory metabolism while consuming oxygen. It exists in almost every cell of the human body and is a major hidden danger and “time bomb” of the human body. Studies have shown that free radicals are also an important cause of genetic mutation and carcinogenesis. Under normal circumstances, the human body is in a dynamic equilibrium in which free radicals are constantly generated and eliminated. It is worth pointing out that cigarettes are free radical generators. According to measurements, people can produce 10 to 17 free radicals every day when they smoke. Smoking can disrupt this dynamic balance. Excessive generation of free radicals increases the possibility of carcinogenesis in the human body. The main catechins of tea polyphenols in tea are an antioxidant and a strong free radical inhibitor. It can suppress tumorigenesis caused by smoking.

Green tea Effects on Health

Tea polyphenols in green tea have a strong ability to scavenge free radicals, and they have a strong scavenging effect on superoxide anion radicals. The Institute of Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, studied 145 types of tea and confirmed that tea does have the ability to block nitrosamine synthesis in the human body. Yan Yusen of Nanjing Zhongshan Cancer Research Institute found that tea polyphenols can bind to carcinogens after entering the human body, decompose them, reduce carcinogenic activity, and thus inhibit the growth of cancer cells. “Our research shows that the leaves of green tea are rich in anti-cancer substances, and their concentrations are high enough to produce anti-cancer effects in the body,” said Dorothy Moore of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute at Poto University in the United States. Dr. John Weissberg, Honorary President of the American Health Foundation, who has 40 years of experience, said: “My research results show that if you drink 6 cups of tea a day, you can be cancer free.” Researchers from Columbia University Harlem Medical Center have also shown that green tea has anti-cancer effects. Therefore tea drinking by smokers can help reduce the incidence of cancer. Second, it can help reduce radiation pollution caused by marriage. According to Dr. Joseph Diffanzan of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, a person who smokes 30 cigarettes a day receives the same amount of radioactive material in cigarettes as his skin in the chest within a year. The X-ray machine was seen about 300 times.

Tea drinking can effectively prevent radioactive substances from invading the bone marrow and can quickly excrete strontium 90 and drill 60. The catechins and lipopolysaccharides in tea can reduce the harm of radiation to the human body and have a significant protective effect on hematopoietic function . Clinical trials using tea tablets to treat radiation-induced mild radiation sickness have shown that its total effective rate can reach 90%. The third is to prevent cataracts caused by smoking. Scientific research has found that smoking is becoming a major enemy of eye health and can trigger cataracts. Researchers at the Harbin University School of Medicine in the United States have found that people who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day are twice as likely to develop cataracts than those who never smoke. The more likely you are to develop cataracts. About 4% of blind people of unknown cause in our country are caused by smoking. Canadian scientists have found that drinking more tea can prevent cataracts. They believe that cataracts are caused by free radicals produced by oxidation reactions in the human body acting on the lens of the eyeball, and the metabolites with antioxidant effects produced by the decomposition of tea polyphenols in tea can prevent the occurrence of free radical oxidation reactions .

Green tea Benefits for Smoker

In addition, scientists from the USDA Nutrition and Aging Research Center recently found that the incidence of cataracts is closely related to the level and concentration of carotene in human plasma. In patients with cataracts, the plasma carotene concentration is often low, and the incidence is 3 to 4 times higher than that of normal people. Tea contains much higher carotene than normal vegetables and fruits. Carotene not only prevents cataracts and protects the eyes, but also has anti-cancer, anti-cancer, anti-nicotine, and anti-toxin effects. Smokers drinking tea are good for protecting eyesight. The fourth is to supplement the vitamin C consumed by smoking. Because smoking can promote the combination of vitamin C in human serum with oxidizing carcinogens such as carbon monoxide, nitrosamines, nicotine, and formaldehyde in smoke, and then transform into non-toxic compounds or non-mutant substances to be excreted, resulting in a significant reduction in vitamin C content, leading The massive accumulation of garbage and free radicals in the human body has left hidden dangers to the human body and exacerbated the damage of free radicals on various normal cells. Binu inhales nicotine and other harmful substances, which increases the concentration of oxygen free radicals in cells. Oxygen free radicals have a harmful effect on human cells and can easily cause cancerous reactions. American researchers have found that regular supplementation with a certain amount of vitamin C can avoid the harm caused by smoking. Because vitamin C has an antioxidant effect, it can inhibit the generation of oxygen free radicals and protect human cells from damage. The content of vitamin C in tea is relatively rich, especially in green tea. Under normal circumstances, the extraction rate of vitamin C in tea can reach about 80%, and the vitamin C in tea soup is rarely destroyed at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. Smoking sound drinking tea can take in an appropriate amount of vitamin C, especially if you insist on drinking green tea, it can completely supplement the deficiency of vitamin C caused by smoking, in order to maintain the dynamic balance of the body’s production and removal of free radicals and enhance the body’s resistance.

Drinking tea Benefits for Smokers

All in all, although drinking tea has certain benefits for smokers, it is not to encourage you to continue smoking, nor is it because you can smoke unscrupulously because tea can alleviate the harm of smoking. On the contrary, because the harm caused by smoking is huge and painful for both individuals and society, it is a wise trend to quit smoking. Drinking tea can only be used as a remedy in the process of quitting smoking to minimize the harm of smoking. For your health, quitting smoking is our ultimate goal.

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