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Are Matcha Green tea Powder and Green tea Powder the same tea? No, the difference is big

Matcha Green tea Powder

Matcha Green tea

Matcha Green tea: There are thousands of teas varieties and types in the world, with many flavors, and teas have their own characteristics. They are divided into six tea lines according to the degree of fermentation, and each tea line has different preferences.

Among them, the most distinctive is green tea, because green tea is affected by many and has a great impact, there are 19 provinces and cities in the country have grown green tea.

In addition to brewing tea directly, it can also be ground into a fine powder.

Many friends are easy to confuse matcha and green tea powder. Although both of them use green tea as raw material to make fine tea powder, they all have the common characteristics of green tea. There are still many differences.

There are three main differences.

Matcha has extremely high-quality requirements for raw materials.

The original leaves are preferably high-quality fresh tea leaves produced in April and May. To ensure the quality of the fresh leaves, during the planting process, it is necessary to shade the tea tree to prevent heatstroke, and the time for picking fresh tea leaves and the size of the leaves are standard.

Green tea powder is processed from ordinary tea leaves without much attention.

Different production process

The ancient matcha was steamed with high-quality fresh green tea, dried and then milled with a special tea mill. The modern process is made by ultra-fine crushing and low-temperature drying.

No matter before or now, matcha tea is kept at a low temperature during the milling process to ensure its freshness, taste, and nutrition.

The green tea powder is mostly processed by steaming green sencha and fried green tea.

Different flavors

Matcha is slightly grassy and fresh.

The green tea powder depends on the quality of the raw materials, the aroma is mixed or pure, and the chestnut fragrance is unstable. In terms of taste, green tea powder has a bitter taste, which is not as sweet as matcha tea.


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