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Is jasmine tea green tea how to buy Jasmine Green Tea

Is jasmine tea green tea

Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine green tea, also known as jasmine tea, belongs to scented tea and has a history of more than 1,000 years. It is a low caffeine tea by nature. It was classified as a tribute in the Qing Dynasty and produced in Fuzhou, Fujian and northeast Fujian. Is jasmine tea green tea? How to buy jasmine tea?

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Is jasmine tea green tea:

Jasmine tea is not a green tea, it is a reprocessed tea. Tea can be divided into green tea, green tea (oolong tea), black tea, yellow tea, white tea, and black tea according to the processing technology. Green tea is the only non-fermented tea among the six major teas. Jasmine tea is shaped by special process tea or passed through Refined green tea leaves and jasmine flowers are made from tea varieties. Jasmine tea is processed on the basis of green tea, especially the high-grade jasmine flowers that undergo certain physical and chemical effects during the processing. The essence of health care is much the same, each with its own characteristics. In addition to some of the functions of green tea, jasmine tea also has many health effects that green tea does not have.

Buying Jasmine Tea Tips

1. Viewing shape: Generally, the green tea of ​​the best jasmine tea is selected from the buds. Take Fujian scented tea as an example: the bar is long and full, with a lot of white and no leaves, followed by one bud, one leaf, two leaves or more buds, and the buds are exposed. The further down, the fewer buds, the majority of the leaves, the low-grade tea is mainly leaf, almost no buds or no buds at all.

2, brewing: If conditions are available when purchasing, you should try to brew as much as possible, so that the quality of jasmine tea can be fully demonstrated through brewing. The brewing method uses the cup brewing method, which is generally divided into two brewing. Take 3 grams of tea, pour about 150 ml of boiling water, and soak for 3 minutes to filter out the tea soup. Smell the aroma, check the color of the soup, and taste the taste. , Look at the color, taste.

3. Smell the fragrance: Good flower tea, the aroma emitted from the tea should be strong but not red, fragrant and long-lasting, the fragrance is fragrant, and there is no smell.

4. Viewing the color: The color of the jasmine tea should be yellow and bright. If it is dark and red, it is often a manifestation of quality defects, such as tea aging, stagnation for too long when it is blooming, and untimely drying. Will affect the soup color.

5. Taste: If conditions permit when buying, you can sit down and taste it, watch its soup color, smell its aroma, taste its taste, strong aroma, soft taste, no bitterness and astringency, no odor is the best.

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