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Green Tea for Women – Is it better for Women to Drink Black Tea or Green Tea?

Is it better for Women to Drink Black Tea or Green Tea?

Green Tea for Women

There has been debate on the Internet which of black tea and green tea is better. Some people say that women are suitable for drinking green tea, which can whiten. Others say that women are more suitable for drinking black tea and keeping their eyes and stomach.

The two sides are arguing endlessly, don’t argue, in fact, there is no absolute drink. It mainly depends on personal constitution and personal preferences.

Again, the leaves are here to popularize the effects of black and green tea:

Black tea is warm in nature and has effects such as refreshing fatigue, refreshing heat, diuretic interpretation, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, and nourishing the stomach.

Green tea is warm in nature and has the effects of preventing carcinogenic radiation, protecting eyesight, beauty weight loss, and antiviral bacteria.

Each tea has its own share of the seasons.

Green tea is better than black tea. Scientific tea drinking depends on the season. There are different climate changes and human physiological needs throughout the year.

Because of the physiological needs of people and the characteristics of tea, it is best to choose different teas to drink in the four seasons to achieve a higher level of tea drinking.

Green tea belongs to non-fermented tea with high amino acid content. After fermentation of black tea, tea polyphenols are oxidized to theaflavin, theaflavin, etc. to form a specific color and aroma of black tea. Someone upstairs is right, from the perspective of anti-cancer Green tea is indeed better than black tea, and it is the best among the six basic teas.

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According to the Institute of Nutrition and Food Research, tea contains more than 500 chemical ingredients, of which polyphenols account for 20% to 35%.

Tea polyphenols form tea pigments after oxidation, and the monomers are theaflavin, theaflavin and theophagein. Both tea polyphenols and tea pigments have important effects on human health, are the main biologically active components in tea, and are the main antioxidant components of tea.

Studies have shown that both tea polyphenols and tea pigments have strong antioxidant effects, which can induce antioxidant enzyme activity in the body and inhibit the metabolic activation of carcinogens.

Inhibit the abnormal proliferation of tumors, it can also interrupt or prevent lipid peroxidation, scavenge superoxide free radicals and hydroxyl free radicals, thereby inhibiting atherosclerosis.

Green Tea for Women advantages

Green Tea has the function of improving blood vessels. In fact, theaflavin inhibits angiotensin I converting enzyme, and caffeine and catechin can relax blood vessel walls and relax blood vessels.

Tea has this effect. Finally, from the perspective of traditional medicine, green tea is cold and black tea is warm. Generally, black tea is consumed in winter, flower tea in spring, and green tea in summer.

Black tea also has the advantage of being mild and compatible, so you can add milk, roses, honey, etc. to make tea.

So don’t worry about whether women drink black tea or green tea, women drink tea anyway. It’s just that this tea is to be drunk by season, and it’s a tea all year round, no matter how much you love it, it’s annoying.

Do you remember green tea in summer and black tea in winter?

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