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How to Make Good Green Tea, Pay Attention to these matters!

Make Good Green Tea, Pay Attention to these matters!

How to Make Good Green Tea

how to Make Good Green TeaGreen tea is currently very popular, but many people seem to know how to make green tea. A cup of delicious green tea pays attention to some tea-making skills. At the same time, pay attention to some matters when brewing. Today Let me introduce you in detail:

The water quality of tea is better

Generally, clean high-quality mineral water is used, and purified water can also be used. The pH of the water is neutral or slightly acidic. Do not use alkaline water to avoid dark tea soup. The boiling water can be boiled at first, so the tea freshness is better.

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The water temperature for making tea is most suitable at about 80 ℃

The water temperature for making tea should be around 80 ℃. Because high-quality green tea’s chlorophyll is easily damaged and turned yellow at the same time, at the same time, the tea polyphenols in the tea will also be oxidized at high temperature to make the tea soup turn yellow quickly, and many aromatic substances will also volatilize and lose at high temperature So that the tea soup loses its fragrance. The ratio of tea to water should be appropriate. Usually, the ratio of tea to water is 1: 50 ~ 1: 60 (that is, 50 grams ~ 60 milliliters of water for 1 gram of tea). The brewed tea soup is moderate in thickness and fresh in taste.

The brewing of green tea requires a clean tea set

It is usually brewed in a glass (pot), porcelain cup or tea bowl with good transparency to facilitate the green tea soup and tea leaves. Among them, glass cups are preferred. Glass tea sets are popular because of their transparent texture and different shapes. Making tea in glass cups (or glass teapots), especially brewing various famous green teas, the color of the tea soup is bright, the leaf buds are floating up and down during the brewing process, and the leaves gradually stretch out. It is a dynamic art appreciation. Funny.

The brewing technique is very particular

It is required to hold the kettle to pour water into the teacup and use the gesture of “Phoenix Three Nodding” to make the hot water injected impulse the tea leaves and float up and down, and the tea juice is easy to bubble out. In addition, when brewing, often inject a small amount of hot water to soak the tea leaves, and then inject water to the distance of 1 to 2 cm from the edge of the cup. For hospitality, you can put the teacups or bowls into the tea tray and hold them in front of the guests.

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Precautions for brewing green tea

1. Green tea should not be made too thick, otherwise, it will affect the secretion of gastric juice. It is best not to drink it on an empty stomach.

2. Do not drink the first brew of tea, twist it after pouring hot water and pour it away.

3. When brewing green tea, the water temperature should be controlled at about 80 ℃ ~ 90 ℃. For brewing green tea powder, brew with warm boiling water at about 40 ° C to 60 ° C. Serving size is 2 grams of green tea powder with 450cc of plain water.

4. Drink the brewed tea within 30 minutes to 60 minutes, otherwise, the nutritional content in the tea will become unstable.

5. When brewing green tea, we generally grasp the following three methods and brew according to the characteristics of tea.

On the process of brewing tea, thin green tea Biluo spring irrigation (7/10)-tea (average); medium investment loose green tea Huangshan Maofeng irrigation (1/4)-tea-Wenrun bubble-irrigation (7/10) The downcasting method tightly binds the green tea to the West Lake Longjing Tea-Irrigation (1/4)-Wenrun bubble-Irrigation (7/10).

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Various brewing methods of green tea

(1) Green tea glass cup method

After tea appreciation, first, prepare and clean the tea set. You can choose transparent glass without carving, as the quantity can be determined according to the number of tea sips. Swivel the glass out, pour one-third of the boiling water in turn, and then start from the left, pinch the glass with your right hand, hold the bottom of the glass with your left hand, and gently rotate the glass to pour the boiling water into the wastewater in turn. Glen. In this way, the glass can be preheated to avoid bursting during formal brewing.

Second, set tea. Because green tea (especially green tea) dry tea is delicate and fragile, when taking tea from the teapot, it should be gently removed. Gently turn the teapot and pour the tea leaves into the teacup.

There is also an emphasis on the order of tea introduction. There are three methods: the upper investment method, the middle investment method, and the lower investment method. The upper casting method is to inject boiling water into the cup first and then put in an appropriate amount of tea. The medium investment method is to first inject 1/3 of water into the cup and then add an appropriate amount of tea, and then add water. The drop method is also a method of adding tea first and then adding water. In the summer, particularly delicate green tea can be prepared by using the upper-injection method; the famous teas such as Huangshan Maofeng and Lu’an Guapian are suitable for the medium-injection method;

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After the water is boiled, wait for the proper temperature to brew. The kettle was opened and the water was flushed with “Phoenix Three Nodding”. Pour the water high into the cup, and shake your wrists when flushing, making the kettle rise and fall rhythmically as if the Phoenix nodded again and again to the audience. This is called “Phoenix Three Nod”. In this way, the tea leaves in the teacup can be rolled up and down, which helps to extract the contents of the tea, and the concentration of the tea soup reaches the same level. Generally, flush into the cup until Qicheng is full.

Green tea can also be used to make tea. That is, pour moderate boiling water from the kettle into the cup before brewing. The amount of water is about a quarter of the tea cup capacity. Be careful not to pour the water column directly on the tea leaves. Instead, hit the inner wall of the glass. Avoid scalding the tea. This bubble time is controlled within 15 seconds.

(2) Green tea cover bowl method

After the tea is served, prepare tea sets, that is, cover a few bowls, and ware. Line up the lids and lift the lid. The thumb and middle finger of the right hand pinch the sides of the lid button, the index finger against the button surface, lift the lid, and place it obliquely on the right side of the bowl holder. Fill the bowl with boiling water in order. On the tea bowl, hold the bowl with both hands, hold the lid button with both thumbs, and gently rotate the tea bowl three times to pour the cup of water out of the gap between the lid and the bowl body. Put it back on the bowl holder. The lid is tilted and rested on the right side of the bowl holder. The rest of the tea bowls are cleaned in the same way. At the same time as the sanitary ware, the purpose of warming the tea set is achieved, so that the temperature change of the tea soup is reduced during brewing.

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Then, turn the dry tea into the tea bowl in order to brew. Usually, about 2 grams of dry tea is served in a regular lid bowl.

Next, pour the boiling water into the bowl at a high temperature. Do not drop the water directly on the tea leaves. Instead, drop it on the inner wall of the bowl. Tilt it and cover it on the tea bowl so that there is a gap between the lid edge and the bowl edge to avoid making the tea in the bowl stuffy and yellow.

(3) Potting method of green tea

“Tender teacups, old teapots.” For medium and resistant green tea, whether it is the shape, the internal quality, or the color, aroma, and taste are slightly better. If you use glass or white porcelain for brewing, the shortcomings are full and unsightly, so you can choose to use a porcelain pot of purple sand. Tea is brewed in a pot.

First, prepare tea sets such as teapots and cups. Pour boiling water into the teapot, shake the teapot several times, and then pour it into the teacup. Then pour the water in the teacup into the wastewater bowl, and warm the tea set while cleaning the tea set.

Pour green tea into the pot. The amount of tea depends on the size of the pot. Generally, the tea is poured into a teapot at a ratio of 50 to 60 ml of water per gram of tea.

Turn the hot water into the pot first by turning it counterclockwise. After the water has passed through the tea leaves, switch to DC flushing. Finally, fill the pot with “Phoenix Three Nodding”, and if necessary, scrape off the pot with the lid. Drooling surface.

Soak the tea in the pot for about 3 minutes and pour the tea soup from the teapot into the cup.

It is advisable to brew green tea two to three times, but no more than three times. Scientifically determined that the extraction rate of vitamins, amino acids, and various inorganic substances contained in green tea for the first brewing was 80%, and 95% for the second brewing. It can be seen that most of the nutrients were leached in the first two runs Therefore, the quality of the first green tea is the best.

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