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How to Loss Weight with Green Tea: Properties of green tea for Weight Loss

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Tea is in fashion and one of the causes that have motivated its popularity is the properties of green tea for weight loss.

In a world where diets abound everywhere to lose weight, something that most have in common is that they include green tea as an extra aid to lose weight, but let’s see in detail, what is true and not so true this variety of tea.

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Does drinking green tea for weight loss really work?

There are numerous studies that support the theory that this green tea is a great ally to lose weight, this is because in a cup of tea, we find numerous substances that react with our body.

The first and best known of them is caffeine. Yes, you read correctly, tea contains caffeine, it is exactly the same as theine, mateine ​​or guaranine only found in different plants. A cup of green tea contains between 20-40 mg of caffeine. Much less than in a coffee but in enough quantity to make the desired thermogenic effect and increase the burning of calories during physical exercise.

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Another of the weight loss benefits found in green tea is given by an important EGCG catechin (Epilgalatocatechin gallate). In addition to being a powerful antioxidant, this catechin can help inhibit an enzyme that prevents norepinephrine from secreting into the body. One of the functions of this hormone is in charge of sending the signal to the nervous system for fat cells to break down fat. The greater the signal, the greater the breakdown of fat.

Another of the properties of green tea for weight loss comes when it comes to exercising. Many of the supplements that we find in specialized centers include green tea as an ingredient to a greater or lesser extent. This is because numerous studies have concluded that green tea increases fat burning during exercise. Some of them have shown an increase of 17%.

Other properties that we find in green tea to help us lose weight is its satiating effect. It does not mean that tea substitutes meals or anything like that, but between meals, when you should not eat and hunger is tightening, a cup of green tea can help you satiate your appetite and thus reduce the calorie intake that you contribute to the organism.

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Is it enough to drink green tea to lose weight or lose weight?

As we have seen, there are several properties of green tea when it comes to helping you lose weight, but it is not enough if it is about losing weight in a real way. Although there are many scientific studies that support it, without accompanying it with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, we can do little.

when is the best time to drink Green Tea for weight loss

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Do not be fooled and think that drinking 3 cups of green tea a day will get miraculous results in no time. This is a long-term challenge and the truth is that green tea can be a great help to reduce kilos, and above all to make you enjoy yourself.

Our advice is that you enjoy tea, incorporate it into your diet and let your senses enjoy a millennial drink that will also benefit you and provide properties that today are highly desired.


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