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Green Tea Skincare Benefits – The Beauty Effect of Green Tea

green tea skincare benefits

Green Tea Skincare Benefits

The eyebrows all know that green tea has a very strong skin beauty effect, especially for office workers who face computer work all day, green tea can resist computer radiation and help protect the skin. Is the skin-care effect of green tea just that? Then you are wrong. Green tea contains tea polyphenols. For the skin, it can help the skin fight against oxidation, aging, firm skin, and help anti-inflammatory and sterilize the skin. The beauty function of green tea is not just as simple as resisting computer radiation. Today, Xiaobian has organized various skin beauty effects of green tea for the eyebrows. Take a quick look at it. Compact and moist little face, green tea can help you raise it!

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The beauty effect of green tea one: fight skin oxidation

Green tea can help the skin fight against oxidation. This is because green tea is rich in tea polyphenols, and tea polyphenols have a very strong antioxidant effect. Its antioxidant capacity is many times that of vitamin E. Therefore, crushes can often drink Green tea to help the skin fight against oxidation, thereby preventing skin aging.

Green tea’s beauty effect 2: help skin calm and reduce inflammation

Green tea is a kind of cool tea, and the tea polyphenols in green tea can help the skin fight bacteria and eliminate inflammation. Meimei can add an appropriate amount of green tea to the face wash, and then cleanse the face. This will not only better It cleans the skin, but also helps the skin soothe and relax the nerves, effectively protecting the skin from harm. Acne skin caused by anger is very suitable for soothing and calming the skin in this way.

Green tea’s skin beauty effect 3: green tea skincare moisturizing and refreshing

Cuties can also use green tea to make skin care lotion. Green tea skin care lotion can effectively moisturize and refresh the skin in the case of rough, dry, dull and yellow skin. Take an appropriate amount of green tea leaves and a small piece of fresh lemon, mix the two together, add an appropriate amount of purified water, then put it in a small bottle and place it in a cool place. After the two are completely merged with the purified water , Meimei can take out and apply on the facial skin, for skin rough and dry dark yellow skin peeling and other issues, have a very good moisturizing care effect.

The beauty effect of green tea 4: help the skin to expel toxins

Green tea is not only rich in tea polyphenols, but also rich in vitamins. The vitamins in green tea can help the skin to suppress the deposition of melanin, and can promote skin blood circulation, thereby helping the skin to discharge excess toxins. For white-collar cuties who often need to work with computers, drinking green tea or washing their face with green tea can help to remove dark skin, fight off melanin, and regain healthy white skin.

The beauty effect of green tea 5: help skin exfoliate

The eyebrows mix green tea powder with exfoliating cream, then gently apply it on the skin and massage it in a circular motion. This will allow the skin to relax very well and make the exfoliation more thorough and effective. Effect on skin. Cuties can try it out!

Warm summary: green tea has a lot of skin beauty effects, and eyebrows can often use green tea as a mask to care for the skin, which can make the skin more moisturized and firm, or use green tea to help the eye skin to remove puffiness, which are very effective !!

How to Make Good Green Tea, Pay Attention to these matters!

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