Green Tea Corona Virus:

Green Tea Prevent and Control New Coronavirus Infection – NTU Team Found that Honeysuckle and Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea Prevent and Control New Coronavirus Infection

Green Tea Prevent and Control New Coronavirus Infection

Nanjing University that research by Professor Zhang Chenyu’s team at the School of Life Sciences at the university showed that MicroRNA (miRNA) rich in honeysuckle and other plants has the potential to target and inhibit new coronaviruses and can be used in the early stages of new coronaviruses. Prevention and treatment.

miRNAs are a class of endogenous small ribonucleic acids with a length of about 20-24 nucleotides. They have a variety of important regulatory roles in cells. miRNAs are highly conserved among different species. In recent years, studies have suggested that miRNAs can regulate gene expression across species.

In 2012, Professor Zhang Chenyu published a research paper in Cell Research and found for the first time that exogenous plant miRNAs in food can regulate mammalian target gene expression, and miRNAs can stably exist in human and animal serum and plasma.

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In 2015, Professor Zhang Chenyu published a research paper again in “Cell Research”, which proved that after processing honeysuckle, a plant miRNA numbered 2911 was particularly stable and could stably exist in honeysuckle decoction. It has been shown that honeysuckle MIR2911 has broad-spectrum ability to inhibit viruses such as varicella-zoster virus and enterovirus.

MIR2911 has binding sites on 94% of the virus’s genome; subsequent studies at home and abroad have also demonstrated that MIR2911 has broad-spectrum inhibition of varicella-zoster virus, enterovirus, Ebola virus at the cellular or animal level, respectively. , Zika virus, African swine fever virus, Middle East respiratory fever virus and porcine rotavirus.

In the genome of the new coronavirus released in Wuhan, 179 possible MIR2911 binding sites have been found.

“MIR2911 in honeysuckle and other plants is a broad-spectrum antiviral component. The research group is now conducting relevant experiments to verify the effect of MIR2911 on the new coronavirus.” Professor Chen Yi, a team member, introduced that MIR2911 can be stably present in honeysuckle decoction And directly inhibit the replication of influenza virus in the human body after oral administration. Previous experiments have shown that Cork, Daqingye, and Chinese green tea are rich in MIR2911, which is equivalent to that in honeysuckle. Therefore, honeysuckle, cork, and green leaf are expected to be used for the prevention and early treatment of new coronaviruses.

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