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Green Tea is Good or Bad, These Kinds of Women Should Drink Less Green Tea!

Kinds of Women Should Drink Less Green Tea!

Green Tea is Good or Bad

Green Tea is Good or Bad – “A pinch of glass is hard, and you have to wait until Jun’s desk.” Many tea lovers, after a long wait in the winter, finally ushered in the spring. Spring is the best time to drink green tea. After more than a month, whether it’s the West Lake Longjing, Taiping Houkui, and other famous names, the unnamed green tea will begin to enter a good time for tea.

Green tea is the earliest tea in history. It has been around since the Tang Dynasty. The development has now formed a huge green tea family. Domestically, green tea is produced in most areas in Shandong, Shaanxi, Gansu, and Hainan in the south. Therefore, green tea is also a favorite tea among the general public. Whether you are in the tea industry or not, green tea is often cited.

It goes without saying that long-term drinking can help delay aging and promote metabolism, especially for people who are facing the computer for a long time. The benefits of drinking green tea are more obvious because it has the function of preventing radiation. Don’t drink less.

Green Tea – Women with cold body

Traditional medicine pays attention to “sex”, and divides food into “four natures” such as cold, cold, warm, and hot. Among them, cold things are suitable for hot constitutions and diseases, and hot things are suitable for cold constitutions and diseases.

Tea is one of the best drinks in people’s daily life. Drinking tea is better for health. Drinking tea is about tea ceremony, as well as physical fitness. Everyone’s constitution is different, the suitable tea is also different, and the tea is divided into cold and hot.

And green tea is cold tea, especially the first year of green tea, the coldest. Then women with cold bodies should not drink green tea. Some people may ask, what is called a cold body? To put it simply, people who feel bloated and bloated when they eat watermelon usually have a weak constitution, called coldness. It is recommended that such women drink more black tea and Pu’er tea.

Green Tea – Women with body heat

If people with smoking and drinking habits are prone to get angry and have a fat body shape, it is a hot body. Such women can drink some green tea properly. It is recommended to drink Taiping Monkey King in green tea.

Green Tea – Women who are hot and cold

What is called hot and cold? It is easy to get hot, but the system of limbs is hot and cold. People in this system need to drink some aerated tea, such as Dahongpao and Fenghuang Dancong, and they should drink less green tea.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that you must not drink overnight tea! !! !! Because tea leaves are exposed to air for a long time, they will oxidize to heavy metals and cause cancer. So do not drink overnight tea! In addition, the disease comes in from the mouth, and the tea stains on the tea utensils must be cleaned, and it is best to use edible baking soda powder.

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