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Green Tea Facts – Green tea is cool, black tea is warm? Green tea study

Green Tea Facts

Green Tea Facts

Green Tea Facts – A long time ago, the ancestors had the habit of drinking tea. In life, there are often sounds in my ears-not drinking herbal tea, not drinking overnight tea, tea can be used as an antidote, and so on.

What kind of existence is tea? Let me look for answers from history.

There is a long history of tea drinking in Chinese history, and it is no longer possible to pinpoint exactly when it was. Tracing back to the origin of Chinese tea drinking, some believe that it originated in ancient times, and some believed that it began in the Zhou Dynasty and that it started in the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Three Kingdoms, the Northern and Southern Dynasties, and the Tang Dynasty. “,” And only the word “Te”, until Lu Yu, the author of the Tea Classic, reduced the word “Tai” by one painting, so there is a saying that tea originated in the Tang Dynasty. Others have their origins in Shennong and Qin and Han.

When used for medicinal purposes, the earliest existing book on herbal medicine that records the efficacy of tea is the “Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica” by Tao Hongjing from the North and South Dynasties, and the earliest book that listed its efficacy separately is the “Preparation for Qianqian Qianfang” by Sun Si of Tang Dynasty. In the Yuan Dynasty, Zhang Zheyuan’s “Medicinal Tissue Specimen Formulas” first proposed the use of tea for organs of viscera, and Wang Haogu’s “Decoction of Herbal Medicine” first proposed that tea should be attributed to classics.

Generally speaking, for most teas, it’s slightly cold, sweet, bitter, and non-toxic. Enter the heart, lung, and stomach. Tea efficacy: clearing heat, digesting, diuretic, astringent, stop diarrhea, detoxify.

Green tea is cool, black tea is warm?

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Ancient medical practitioners generally understood the “cold and cold” nature of tea, and there was no record of “cold green tea, warm black tea” in ancient books. There are only five types of “warm” teas recorded in the herbal literature: Mengding tea, Wuyi tea, Pu’er tea, Anhua tea, and Shanghai tea. Modern tea-making technology and tea efficacy are not involved, and the so-called “gentle” mildness of ancient books means “mildness” rather than the “warmness” of traditional medicinal properties.

You see, the ancients loved to study so much, but no one said that black tea is warm. This shows that for a drug, its inherent properties are difficult to change, especially Siqi, which was given by God. It would be difficult to change it if it is not tedious.

So for some people with cold stomach and diarrhea, you can drink some Pu’er tea, but still, drink as little as possible, otherwise, it will worsen the illness. Because even this kind of full-fermented tea, its properties are cold and cold, and it has not been unified for so many years.

The saying that “medicine does not drink tea” is a folk custom. Traditional Chinese medicine has no absolute contraindication to “medicine and no tea”. This may be an excuse for doctors to persuade people to drink less tea. Ancient doctors believed that tea-like bitter cold, drinking too much tea would damage the spleen and stomach, recording blood and cream, leading to “tea addiction” and seeing bloodlessness and even paleness, weight loss, diarrhea, and other symptoms. From the perspective of modern nutrition, tea science, and pharmacology, the main purpose of drinking tea is to increase the excitement of the central nervous system and invigorate the spirit. However, it is advisable to take tea after a certain interval, such as 30 minutes. So as not to interfere with each other.

As Chen Cangqi’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” states: “It is better to eat hot, cold to get tired … long-term food is thin, the fat loss so that you do not sleep.”

In Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica, it is pointed out that drinking less tea will benefit, refreshing and refreshing, and the toxic effect of alcohol and food. Too much will destroy the spleen and stomach and cause many symptoms, which is particularly credible in combination with his own experience:

Tea is bitter and cold.

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Fire is a disease, and the fire falls off. However, there are five fires, and the fire is false.

If there is a young person with a strong stomach and a healthy stomach, the fire of the heart, lungs, spleen, and stomach is more abundant, so it is suitable for tea.

For warm drinks, the fire drops due to cold, while for hot drinks, the tea rises and falls due to the fire. It also relieves the poison of alcohol and food, which makes people feel refreshed, not lethargic and sleepy.

If the person with cold and weak blood has been drinking for a long time, the spleen and stomach will be cold, the vitality will be dark, the soil will not make water, and the essence and blood will be faint; Vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, hernia, various internal injuries, this tea is also harmful.

For people ’s birthdays, those who suffer from its disadvantages are often common, but women and children suffer more, customs are shifted, and they are unaware.

What’s more, there are few real teas and more miscellaneous teas.

People have tea addictions, and they are constantly stunned. They have been injured for a long time, their blood is not beautiful, their yellow pheasants are weak, they are regretful if they are ill.

Jin Qianbao’s “Searching for God” contains: After the military attache became ill, the cricket was more than two. It is not enough to reduce promotion.

Some customers ordered five liters, suddenly spit a thing, like a spleen and a mouth. Pour it on top of it.

Add another five liters, which is spilled. People then call it Dendrobium. Tea addicts can abstain from watching.

Tao Yinju’s “Miscellaneous Records,” said: Dan Qiuzi, Huangshan Junfu tea lightly remodeled, “Hu Gong Shi Ji” said: bitter tea long-eaten feathering, all the Fang Shi fallacy.

In quite a lot of literature in the later generations, tea is taken as a medicine or it is recorded as blindly in the prescription. Tea is bitter cold, so it is good at clearing heat and lowering fire. It has not been shown to have the function of warming the stomach. The coldness of the stomach and the spleen, and the later generation of several temperate teas are mostly recorded in local chronicles and myths and legends.

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Zhao Xuemin’s “Puer Tea” section of “Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica” contains the Puer tea indications: “Puer tea extract can cure all diseases, such as belly swelling and cold, use ginger soup to diverge, and sweating will heal; mouth breaks throat If you are suffering from heat and pain, use five minutes to choke your mouth overnight to heal; those who rub the skin and blood under the heat will study and apply. In addition to “belly swelling and cold”, “mouth sputum and throat tremor, heat and pain” are hot evidence. Pu’er tea “sexual temperature” does not make the fever worse with fever medicine. “Stomach swelling and cold, use ginger soup to diverge”, ginger Xin, warm, good to cure cold offenders in the middle coke or spleen and stomach deficiency cold amine cold pain, this is actually the work of ginger and Pu’er tea without drying.

According to relevant scholars, the “warm black tea” theory may originate in Japan: “The tea is cold, and it becomes warm after it is ripe.” Here, “maturity” refers to the redness of the tea soup after fermentation. However, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, “fermentation” is not a determining factor for medicinal cold temperature.

Seeing this, the “eternal doubts” that we are going to discuss this time can be explained. Although tea is so taboo, for ordinary people, drinking less and less can strengthen the body and prolong life. He Leer Why not?

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