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Is drinking Green tea Effective Against Coronavirus?

Green tea Against Coronavirus

Green tea Effective Against Coronavirus

Among other tips for protecting oneself from the epidemic, he affirms:  “Important to know: the virus does not resist heat and it dies if it is exposed to temperatures of 26, 27 °. It is therefore very important to consume during the day all possible hot drinks like tea, herbal tea, broth, soups, or simply hot water. The hot liquid neutralizes the virus and it’s not difficult to absorb them. ” The blog continues: “Important: above all, avoid drinking iced water or sucking on ice or snow for those who are in the mountains, especially children.”

Since 2003, the heat resistance of Sars coronavirus (Sars-CoV) has been documented by researchers. Thus, a study published on the National Library of Medicine, in the United States, teaches us that the CoV-P9 virus, a type of coronavirus, remains stable between 4 and 37 degrees. But it loses its infectious capacity from exposure of ninety minutes at 56 degrees.

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Heat resistance

Today, Gilles Pialoux, head of the infectious and tropical diseases department of the Tenon hospital in Paris, gives us a tighter estimate. “It is estimated that the virus is no longer viable from exposure to 56 degrees for twenty to thirty minutes or 65 degrees for five to ten minutes,” he said. A range confirmed to CheckNews by Anne Goffard, a virologist at the Lille University Hospital, which specifies: “This is how we sterilize our materials.”

In any event, it appears that Covid-19 can resist heat to a certain extent but effectively loses its infectious capacity above a certain threshold.

It does not mean that drinking hot tea will have any beneficial effect or protect you from coronavirus.  Gilles Pialoux specifies: “Drinking tea does not make sense to protect oneself from the virus. Since this would require raising the overall body temperature to 65 degrees for ten minutes … ” Which, undoubtedly, is neither desirable nor possible. And the doctor added: “People who drink tea to protect themselves from the Covid-19 will simply go to the bathroom more … and all they will gain is having to wash their hands more often.”

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