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Green tea cannot be eaten with, most people do not know

Green tea cannot be eaten with, most people do not know

Green tea cannot be eaten with


Green tea cannot be eaten with – What can’t green tea be eaten with?

1. Meat and chicken liver: Green tea cannot be eaten with meat and chicken liver. Eating with meat can easily lead to constipation. It is best to drink green tea three hours after eating meat. Some people will ask if it is the same to drink green tea after dinner? In fact, it is reasonable to drink tea for more than half an hour after a meal. Eating green tea with the chicken liver can easily reduce the body’s absorption of iron. Be careful.

2. Kelp, crab: Friends who usually eat seafood should pay attention to it. Green tea and kelp or crab eat together, which may easily cause indigestion or gastrointestinal upset.

3.Medicine and wine: It is said that green tea and any kind of tea cannot be drunk with tea, otherwise it will reduce the effect of the medicine . So green tea is the same. You can’t drink it with medicine or wine. Drinking green tea with wine can hurt the spleen and stomach and stimulate the heart and kidneys.

4. Ginseng, cold drinks, white sugar: Green tea and ginseng will only be counterproductive. Ginseng has a nourishing effect on the human body. Drinking green tea together is simply a waste. Green tea cannot be consumed with cold drinks, it will hurt the stomach, green tea and white sugar together will easily increase the burden on the heart ~

Drinking green tea

1. Don’t drink tea

Many teas are not suitable for drinking, and green tea is no exception. Many pesticides and other substances may remain during the processing of green tea, so it is not recommended to drink green tea, which may be harmful to the body.

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2. Pay Attention to Drinking Green Tea and New Tea

New tea is similar to Touban tea. Green tea is unfermented tea, so you can drink it after cooking. But because the new tea is stored for a short time, some of them are not oxidized, which is irritating to the human body.

Like to drink tea and understand tea are two different things, like does not mean that you must understand, you love to drink tea, then you also need to know how to properly choose tea to buy tea, make tea and drink tea correctly. Drinking tea is not a blind preference. You know tea, and tea naturally understands you.

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