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Green Tea and High Blood Pressure: Can I drink Green Tea with High Blood Pressure?

Can I drink Green Tea with High Blood Pressure?

Green Tea and High Blood Pressure

Green Tea and High Blood Pressure – Many tea friends know that drinking green tea in the summer can be good for health, but also know that people with special circumstances should drink tea with caution, otherwise it will not only be bad for the body but will be harmful to the health. Can people with high blood pressure drink green tea? For some people who have high blood pressure but love to drink tea, this is a more concerned issue. Today, I will have a drink with tea and talk to you.

Can you drink tea for high blood pressure?

Can you drink tea for high blood pressure? We searched for this question, and found that many people asked this question at a certain degree, and the answers are not the same, but the most recommended is that people with high blood pressure can drink some light tea, which is not suitable for long-term drinking tea. At the same time, many people have listed the benefits of drinking tea:

Drinking tea can stimulate people’s spirits and enhance their thinking and memory. Suggestions: Regular tea drinking has the effect of preventing dental caries. This is because tea contains fluorine, and fluorine can prevent dental caries.

Tea contains the antioxidant substance tea polyphenols. Tea polyphenols have a strong scavenging effect on free radicals, can prevent free radicals from oxidative damage to body organs, and tea polyphenols can also inhibit cariogenic streptococcus.

Drinking tea can inhibit cell senescence, make people prolong life, delay and prevent the formation of lipid plaque in the vascular intima, prevent arteriosclerosis, hypertension and cerebral thrombosis. The tannic acid contained in tea can kill a variety of bacteria, so it can prevent stomatitis, sore throat, and enteritis and dysentery that are prone to occur in summer.

Drinking tea can protect people’s hematopoietic function. Tea contains anti-radiation substances. Drinking tea while watching TV can reduce the harm of TV radiation and protect eyesight. For patients with hypertension, blood pressure needs to be controlled by drugs, for example, blood pressure can be controlled by taking the antihypertensive drug pingxin.

Although tea can be consumed for high blood pressure, the main treatment is still treated by drugs. Tea drinking can only play a supporting role. After all, tea is not a medicine and tea cannot be used as a blood pressure-lowering drug. Therefore, people with high blood pressure can drink light tea to aid treatment. But you should also pay attention not to drink tea when taking medicine, because tea will reduce the effectiveness of the medicine, you should drink tea one hour after a meal.

Can high blood pressure drink green tea?

Since people with high blood pressure can drink light tea, it is also possible to drink green tea, as long as it is not strong tea. Drinking tea, especially green tea, has a certain effect on lowering blood pressure. This is due to the rich vitamins, minerals, and tea polyphenols in tea, which make tea have a diuretic and hypotensive effect.

And because the tea polyphenols contained in green tea can dissolve fat, vitamin C can promote the excretion of cholesterol from the body. Green tea also contains Chaganing, a substance that enhances the toughness of blood vessels. Drinking often makes blood vessels less likely to rupture. Therefore, it does have a certain auxiliary effect on the treatment of hypertension.

Green tea also has the effect of preventing cancer. The organic anticancer substances in green tea are mainly theophylline, tea polyphenols, vitamin C and vitamin E; the inorganic anticancer elements in tea are mainly selenium, molybdenum, manganese, germanium, etc. In particular, the combined effects of caffeine and tea polyphenols, besides having a refreshing and soothing effect, also have the effect of improving the body’s immunity and preventing cancer.

Therefore, regular consumption of green tea in people with high blood pressure can also prevent cancer. Green tea has many benefits to our health, but the cold nature of green tea is not suitable for people who have stomach cold and stomach ulcers. It is not suitable for long-term drinking of green tea, so you should pay attention to understanding your own physical condition and specific conditions when drinking green tea.


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