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Drinking Green Tea – Can Green Tea and Black Tea be Drunk Together?

Can Green Tea and Black Tea be Drunk Together?

Drinking Green Tea

Drinking Green TeaDrinking black tea and green tea together is not harmful, and it does not produce harmful substances. At most, it has a strange taste.

Modern scientific research shows, often drink red tea, green tea and other improved cardiovascular health, anti-clotting, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, cancer and so on.

Difference between Black tea and Green tea

What is the difference between black tea and green tea? In fact, black tea belongs to the fully fermented tea category, and green tea belongs to the non-fermented tea category. Black tea and green tea are made from fresh green tea leaves. The difference lies in the craftsmanship. When making black tea, the tea leaves are crushed to allow the green juice to flow out and then allowed to ferment under the action of microorganisms. During the fermentation process, chlorophyll is destroyed, and some polyphenols, tannins and other substances in tea interact with oxygen to produce some red substances, which turn into red. Green tea is made without fermentation, and fresh tea leaves are fried in a hot pot. The water content of the tea leaves processed in this way is evaporated to dryness, and the chlorophyll is not substantially destroyed, thus forming green tea.

The main polyphenols in green tea are Catechins; the main polyphenols in black tea are Theaflavins (TF). This substance is also the main source of black tea color. After theaflavin is dissolved in water, Slightly red and yellow, so the color of black tea looks red and yellow.

The level of antioxidant properties of black and green tea is also determined by theaflavins and catechins. Studies have found that the antioxidant properties of catechins are higher than theaflavins. Therefore, in general, the antioxidant properties of green tea are better than that of black tea. Many studies have now found that green tea is more beneficial to health.

How to Make Good Green Tea, Pay Attention to these matters!

Catechin is a type of flavanol compound, and theaflavin is a type of compound formed by oxidation of catechin, that is, the precursor of theaflavin is catechin. These two substances do not react when they are together, so drinking green and black tea is not harmful.

Studies have found that when green tea is mixed with tea such as chrysanthemum tea and black tea, the antioxidant capacity does not change significantly. Worried about the health effects of drinking green tea and black tea together? You can also rest assured that mixing green tea and black tea will not lose the antioxidant performance. Even if you are still not assured, the amount of tea you drink every day is limited. After all, drinking tea provides less antioxidant power than eating. Usually, you should eat more vegetables and fruits. The antioxidant effect is better than drinking tea.

If someone likes to mix green tea with black tea, it’s fine, and it’s not harmful to people’s health. However, the taste of these two substances may be different, and the color will definitely change. If you like freshness, you can try it; if you like to be conservative, don’t mix it.

Green tea black tea who is more beneficial

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