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COVID-19 Fake News: Essential oils, hot drinks, spring weather that would neutralize CoronaVirus?

Essential oils, hot drinks, spring weather that would neutralize CoronaVirus?

COVID-19 Fake News

On the internet, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook have been circulating far-fetched, if not dangerous, information about the coronavirus and how to protect yourself from the start of the epidemic. To unravel the false from the real, we have examined the following sources in order to answer the following 6 questions: WHO, Institut Pasteur, Ministry of Solidarity and Health, blogs or tweets from doctors.

1) Drinking hot drinks Like Green Tea and plenty of water prevents the Covid-19


This has no impact and does not prevent infection! The best solution to avoid being contaminated by Covid-19 is to stay at home and wash your hands.  In these times of compulsory confinement, treat yourself by drinking a bowl of green tea or a roïboos infusion, but expect no protection. 

2) The return of sunny days and the heat will kill the virus

We do not know anything

In the current state of scientific knowledge on this new virus discovered at the end of December 2019, nothing is known. If this is indeed the case for other viruses such as that of the seasonal flu, no one can say today that the Covid-19 will disappear with the arrival of sunny days and mild temperatures … Hence the importance of the containment policy implemented in many countries, including France since March 17. Indeed, the Covid-19 virus needs hosts – you, me – to spread. By cutting off all social interaction and regrouping, we stop the virus which can no longer multiply.

3) Essential oils are used to treat the Covid-19


The WHO does not in any way recommend self-medication, whether it is homeopathy, herbal medicine or essential oils to prevent or cure COVID-19. The Boiron laboratory, the leader in homeopathy in France, also published a tweet in early March to remind that its products were not recommended: “for the treatment or prevention of symptoms of coronavirus”.

If alternative medicines certainly have an action of prevention and strengthening of our immune system, in winter, in the case of COVID-19, unknown and highly contagious virus, measures of strict containment of people, social distancing – 1 meter between each of you in a queue – as well as the proper use of barrier gestures remain the only effective means to date to stop its action.

4) Antibiotics kill the coronavirus


Quite simply because there is no specific treatment for the moment since Covid-19 is part of the virus family. And, as with all viruses, antibiotics have no effect on it. Clinical trials around the world are underway to find a vaccine, but it will take many months before marketing.

5) Do not touch imported objects because the virus resists for a long time


The Institut Pasteur explains that, on dry inert surfaces, “the survival of coronaviruses in the outside environment is only a few hours “. And to specify that the delivery times between distant countries like France and China, for example, limit the risk of infection. The probability is even considered by researchers “as extremely low”. Basic hygiene measures like “washing hands and cleaning surfaces are effective”.

The WHO adds a nuance for its part since we ” do not know with certainty how long the virus responsible for COVID-19 survives on surfaces but it seems that it behaves like other coronaviruses. Studies tend to show that coronaviruses can persist on surfaces for a few hours to several days. ” The Ministry of Health specifies for its part that “there is, therefore, no contraindication to having parcels delivered from China”.

6) You must wear a surgical mask when you go out 


The surgical mask, for example, the FFP2 (very filtering in duckbill) is strictly reserved for patients and those who are in contact with infected people, especially nursing staff. This helps protect against splashes of saliva when an individual coughs or sneezes.

To make a homemade mask, does not provide the same protection at all, as a surgical mask, but its presence constantly reminds us of the importance of not approaching the hands of the face (or we touch it 3000 times a day) . Please note: your mask can turn into a false friend if you handle it constantly. Washing your hands often remains imperative. Respecting the safety distance of one meter is also important.

As for gloves, they are useless in restricted daily life since they also carry viruses: it is better to wash your hands often as reminded by the doctor and emergency physician Gérald Kierzek in this tweet to Cyril Hanouna, the host of “Touche pas à mon poste”:

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