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Chinese Green Tea Health Effects – Benefits of Chinese Green Tea

Benefits of Chinese Green Tea

Chinese Green Tea Health Effects

Green tea in China is known as the “national drink”. Numerous studies modern science has confirmed, tea does contain closely related to human health biochemical ingredients, tea is not only refreshing pure heart, Qingre, digestion phlegm, greasy diet, pure heart Chufan, detoxification hangover, thirst, Jiang Huo Ming It has pharmacological effects such as eyesight, diarrhea, and dehumidification, and also has certain pharmacological effects on modern diseases, such as radiation disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, cancer and other diseases. The main components of tea with pharmacological effects are tea polyphenols, caffeine, lipopolysaccharides, and theanine. The specific functions are:

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Chinese Green Tea Health Effects- Anti-Aging

It helps to delay aging. Tea polyphenols have strong antioxidant and physiological activities and are scavengers of free radicals in the human body. Studies have shown that the efficacy of 1 mg of tea polyphenols in removing excess free radicals that are harmful to the human body is equivalent to 9 micrograms of superoxide dismutase, which is much higher than other similar substances. Tea polyphenols have the effect of blocking lipid peroxidation and eliminating active enzymes. According to the results of the Okuda Takuyong test in Japan, it is confirmed that the anti-aging effect of tea polyphenols is 18 times stronger than that of vitamin E.
Suppress disease

Tea polyphenols, which help to suppress cardiovascular disease, have important effects on human fat metabolism. The human body has a high content of cholesterol, triglycerides, etc., fat deposits on the inner wall of blood vessels, and vascular plaques and other cardiovascular diseases are formed after the proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells. Tea polyphenols, especially the catechins ECG and EGC in tea polyphenols and the oxidized product theaflavin, etc., help to suppress this patchy hyperplasia, reduce the formation of fibrinogen with enhanced blood clotting viscosity, and coagulation Clears, thereby inhibiting atherosclerosis.

Chinese Green Tea Health Effects – Anti-carcinogenic

It helps prevent and fight cancer. Tea polyphenols can block the synthesis of various carcinogens such as ammonium nitrite in the body and have the effect of directly killing cancer cells and improving the body’s immunity. According to relevant data, tea polyphenols in tea are beneficial to the prevention and adjuvant treatment of gastric cancer, bowel cancer, and other cancers.
Antiviral bacteria
Tea polyphenols have a strong astringent effect, have obvious inhibitory and killing effects on pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and have obvious effects on anti-inflammatory and antidiarrheal. Many medical units in China use tea preparations to treat acute and chronic dysentery, amoebic dysentery, and influenza, and the cure rate is about 90%.

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Chinese Green Tea Health Effects – Beauty skincare

Tea polyphenol is a water-soluble substance. Washing your face with it can remove the greasiness of the face and condense pores. It has the effects of disinfection, sterilization, anti-aging of the skin, and reduction of damage to the skin by ultraviolet radiation in sunlight.
The caffeine in tea can stimulate the central nervous system of the human body, enhance the excitatory process of the cerebral cortex, and have the effect of refreshing, refreshing, and refreshing. It is also effective for migraine relief.

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Chinese Green Tea Health Effects – Diuretic relief

It helps diuresis and relieve fatigue. The caffeine in tea can stimulate the kidneys, prompt the urine to be expelled from the body quickly, improve the filtration rate of the kidneys, and reduce the retention time of harmful substances in the kidneys. Caffeine also eliminates excess lactic acid in the urine, which helps the body eliminate fatigue as quickly as possible.
Green tea contains powerful antioxidants and vitamin C, which not only removes free radicals from the body, but also secretes hormones that fight stress. The small amount of caffeine contained in green tea can stimulate the central nervous system and invigorate the spirit. Because of this, we recommend drinking green tea in the morning to avoid affecting sleep.

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Chinese Green Tea Health Effects – Eyeguard

It helps to protect the eyesight. The fluoride content in the tea is relatively high. The fluorine content per 100 grams of dry tea is 10-15 mg, and 80% is water-soluble. If you drink 10 grams of tea per person per day, you can absorb 1 mg-1.5 mg of water-soluble fluorine, and tea is an alkaline beverage, which can suppress the reduction of calcium in the human body, which is beneficial for preventing dental caries, protecting teeth, and firming teeth. of. Carrying out a tea-and-wash mouthwash test in elementary school students can reduce the dental caries rate by 80%. Among cataract patients, 28.6% had tea drinking habits; 71.4% had no tea drinking habits. This is because the vitamin C and other components in tea can reduce the turbidity of the eye crystals. Drinking tea often has a positive effect on reducing eye diseases and protecting eyesight.

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Chinese Green Tea Health Effects – Lipid-lowering

It helps to reduce fat and help digestion. In the Tang Dynasty’s “Compendium of Materia Medica”, there is a record of “thin eating makes you lean” on the efficacy of tea. The frontier ethnic minorities in China have said, “You can’t go without tea for a day.” Because tea can help digestion and reduce the important function of fat, in today’s fashionable language, it is helpful to “weight loss”. This is because the caffeine in tea can increase the secretion of gastric juice and can help digestion. In addition, green tea is rich in catechins, which helps reduce abdominal fat.

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Chinese Green Tea Health Effects – other

The Chinese scientific research team discovered that a natural small molecule in green tea can become a cell’s “manipulator”, letting a certain kind of customized cell “obedient”, so as to release the therapeutic drugs in a regular and quantitative manner. The research team recently published a paper in the journal Science Translational Medicine in the United States that they used green tea’s secondary metabolite protocatechuic acid to design and synthesize a transgenic expression control system, which is as “switchable” Regulation of Protocatechuic Acid. The researchers installed the control system in human-derived cells and encoded specific gene fragments in the cells that could produce and release drugs such as insulin under the control of protocatechuic acid. When such cells are implanted in the human body, people are expected to administer only concentrated green tea.
The researchers also combined gene-editing technology to make green tea a regulatory switch for gene editing to manipulate gene expression and editing. Studies have confirmed that this control system can also perform complex logical operations, which is expected to be used in biological computers in the future.

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