Green Tea Corona Virus:

Green Tea Corona Virus: Can Green tea water effectively inhibit the new Crona virus?

water Effectively inhibit the new Crona virus

Green Tea Corona Virus

On the afternoon of February 26, the official WeChat of Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention published an article entitled “Tea can kill and effectively inhibit the replication of new intracellular coronavirus”. However, the article has been deleted as of press time.

  According to the article, with the support of the major project of “Research on Key Technologies for the Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia” of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, experts from Zhejiang Center for Disease Control and Prevention Lu Yiyu and Feng Yan released the latest research results: daily drinking Tea has an anti-new coronavirus effect at the cellular level.

  In response, the reporter from the China-New Zealand Jingwei phoned the office of the Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the person in charge of the office told the client of the New China Jingwei, although the experiment in the article has been completed, the data in the article has not been approved by the leadership, so the deletion. Later, the latest news will be published on the official WeChat.

According to the article before deletion, the research team of the study selected green tea, Tieguanyin, and Dahongpao, weighed 2 grams of each type of tea and immersed it in 50 mL of boiling water (measured at 90 ° C) for 30 minutes. At this time, the concentration was 40 mg / mL (i.e., the first teatime tea when making tea), cooled to room temperature, and then diluted with cell maintenance solution to each experimental concentration. In the experiment, different concentrations of tea water (2.5-10 mg / mL) were used for in vitro virus killing experiments. Boiling water and commercially available drinking water were set as the experimental control group. Different concentrations of tea, as well as the control group and 100TCID50 of the new coronavirus, were treated for 1 hour, and Vero cells were infected and cultured for 48 hours. The viral nucleic acid proliferation levels of each group were measured.

  The article points out that the results show that compared with the non-tea-treated virus control group, the nucleic acid proliferation of the new coronavirus in the tea-treated group was reduced by 10,000-100,000 times; while the boiling water and commercial drinking water control groups used for brewing Its proliferation status is consistent with the virus control group, suggesting that tea has a good extracellular killing effect on the new coronavirus. Second, the research group also treated the cells with 0.25 ~ 2 mg / mL tea water for 1 hour after infection with the new coronavirus. After 48 hours of culture, 0.25 mg / mL green tea, 1 ~ 2 mg / mL Dahongpao and 0.5 ~ 1 mg / mL Tieguanyin has the ability to inhibit the replication of new coronavirus, and the inhibitory effect increases with the increase of tea concentration.

  Therefore, the research team said that tea with tea polyphenols (including catechins) as the main body, in vitro cultured cells, has good extracellular killing and inhibition of intracellular proliferation of the new coronavirus.

(Article source: Zhongxin Jingwei)


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