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Green Tea vs Black Tea who is most effective at losing weight?

Green Tea vs Black Tea

Green Tea vs Black Tea

Green Tea vs Black Tea – People in the world like to use them to lose weight and weight, so black tea is better than green tea to lose weight, let’s take a look.

First, green tea to lose weight

After the tea leaves are picked, they come into contact with oxygen in the air to oxidize the enzymes, which is called “fermentation”, while green tea skips this operation and directly kills cyanide to make tea leaves.

Because it has not undergone a fermentation process, green tea retains most of its nutrients, especially catechins, which help burn fat.

1. Catechin helps relieve tiredness and eliminate fat

In the case of excluding caffeine, catechins in green tea can also promote metabolism and continue to help fat metabolism.

Catechin is a source of the astringent taste of green tea.

In fact, both green tea and black tea contain catechins, but it is currently believed that the proportion of unfermented green tea catechins in tea is relatively high.

Catechin can enhance heat energy production, promote fat oxidation and 24-hour caloric loss rate, stimulate fat hydrolysis and inhibit pancreatic lipolytic enzyme activity.

Drinking a cup of green tea after a meal can prevent a rapid rise in blood sugar and reduce the secretion of hormones that help to accumulate fat.

2. Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

The tannic acid in green tea has a significant effect on lowering blood pressure, which not only inhibits the rise in blood pressure but also reduces hypertension.

Studies have also pointed out that tannic acid can eliminate excess cholesterol in the blood, can control the evolution rate of arteriosclerosis to a minimum, and also help prevent cerebral thrombosis and myocardial infarction.

Second, black tea to lose weight

For people who don’t like coffee but want to use caffeine to lose weight, black tea is an excellent alternative.

If measured by volume, the caffeine content of coffee is much more than that of black tea, but if measured by weight, the caffeine content of black tea leaves is twice that of coffee beans, and black tea also contains theaflavin, which can be warmed. The body and metabolism are worth a try.

Caffeine boosts fat burning

Black tea contains caffeine, which can break down fat, break down accumulated body fat into the blood, and double the fat-burning power during exercise.

Caffeine also has a diuretic effect, which can stimulate the kidneys, dilate blood vessels, increase water metabolism, and discharge excess water and old waste.

Caffeine can also activate the secretion of gastric juice and promote digestion, but people with poor stomachs should be careful not to overdose!

Notes on Black Tea weight loss:

When to drink: Drink in the morning to warm the body and improve metabolism.

How to drink: 1 cup a day. People with poor stomachs should be careful about the amount.

Extra points: Drink with ginger juice or ginger puree for better weight loss.


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