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Black tea and Green Tea are made from the same Fresh Leaves

Black tea and green tea are made from the same fresh leaves

Black tea and Green Tea are made from the same Fresh Leaves

Black tea and green tea are actually made from the same fresh leaves?” Friends around me have such surprises from time to time.

Yes, yes, the raw materials used for black tea and Green Tea are all tea leaves grown on the same tea tree. If there is no difference, it is because of the different tea tree varieties caused by geographical conditions. Tea in some places is more suitable for making green tea. In some places, tea leaves are more suitable for making black tea, but they used to look the same on the tea tree.

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Fresh tea leaves

So how did the black and green tea we drank become what we saw? The answer is the difference in processing technology. Here I will talk about Huangshan Maofeng (Green Tea) and Qimen Black Tea (Black Tea), which I am more familiar with.

Huangshan Maofeng processing procedures are mainly divided into picking, killing greens, and drying. Among them, killing green is a link that plays a decisive role in the quality of green tea. Fresh killing the green leaves destroys the characteristics of enzymes in fresh leaves, stops the oxidation of polyphenols and emits green gas, which better promotes the formation of tea aroma.

Tea kill

The processing procedures of Qimen black tea are mainly divided into picking, withering, rolling, fermentation, and drying. Withering refers to the proper evaporation of water from tea leaves over a period of time, which makes the leaves soft and tough, which facilitates twisting and emits green air.

Tea wither

Twisting is the key procedure for forming the shape of black tea, which enhances the color and aroma, and destroys the leaf cells at the same time, which facilitates oxidation under the action of enzymes and facilitates the fermentation.

Tea twist

Fermentation is a special stage of making black tea. Fermentation makes tea leaves turn red, forming a unique color and aroma of black tea.

Tea fermentation

After a brief introduction of the differences between the production process of Huangshan Maofeng and Qimen black tea, I believe that friends who only drink tea but have not been exposed to tea make some understanding of the difference between black tea and green tea. There are individual differences. For example, some green teas will also be added to the twisting process, and the subtle differences are not listed.

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