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How Many Times is Taking Green Tea Most Suitable? Best Time to Drink Green Tea

Many Times is Taking Green Tea Most Suitable

How Many Times is Taking Green Tea

Best time to drink Green Tea – Because green tea has a faint scent, many people like to drink a cup of green tea and calm down to drink a cup of fragrant green tea, which can relax and unwind. How many times is green tea the most nutritious?

Some people rush to change the tea once or twice during brewing, while others like to brew the tea repeatedly until the taste stops.

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Best Time to Drink Green Tea

When drinking teabags, the tea residue is usually discarded after brewing once. Because this tea is cut and kneaded during processing, it leaves a lot of damage to the leaf cells, forming granular or finely shaped flakes, and the useful contents in the tea are easily leached out when brewed.

Regarding the very delicate high-grade green tea, once brewed once or twice, there is no tea flavor, but the usual black tea can be brewed three or four times. This shows that, in addition to the degree of foam resistance of tea, it is primarily determined by the method of tea processing.

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Regardless of green tea, it is still another tea.

The first brewing, the amount of leaching accounts for 50% to 55% of the total soluble matter;

the second brewing usually accounts for about 30%;

the third brewing is about 10%; It only takes 1% ~ 3% four times.

Looking at the actual aroma and taste of the tea, the aroma of one tea is strong and the taste is fresh; although the aroma of two teas is strong, the taste is not as good as before; the aroma and taste of three teas are already weak; Brewing becomes tasteless, just like drinking plain water.

It can be seen from the introduction above that it is advisable to brew three times for green tea. After three times, the tea flavor will disappear.

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