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What is Matcha Green Tea and Healthier Than Green Tea? is Anti Cancer?

What is Matcha Green Tea is Anti Cancer?

Matcha Green Tea is Anti Cancer

Matcha green tea has been a must-order drink for Xiaobian. Compared with domestic green tea, the taste of matcha tea is more delicate. Drinking tea with friends recently, we learned about the recent research on the health care ingredients of matcha green by North American authorities, and we recommend it to everyone. At this time of the new year, giving away a matcha green tea with good health is undoubtedly the best blessing for relatives and friends in the new year 2020.

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Difference between Matcha and Green tea

Matcha powder is a kind of bright green tea powder. It came into being in the Tang Dynasty of China and was called “last tea”. Unfortunately, it gradually died out in the middle and late Ming Dynasty, but this art was inherited and developed by Japan. Modern matcha tea uses new technology and new equipment to process natural steamed green tea with ultra-fine powder, which is finer than ancient tea powder and has better solubility and permeability.

Matcha Green tea Better than green tea. Where?

Matcha is a bright green powder made from tea leaves and mixed with water to drink directly. The rich health ingredients of matcha tea are derived from its unique manufacturing process and drinking method. Green tea is brewed with water, only part of the nutrients can be dissolved in water, and it is absorbed by the body to a limited extent. However, the unique manufacturing process and drinking method of matcha can retain a large number of nutrients while increasing the body’s absorption of beneficial ingredients.

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CL, an authoritative health product research and testing organization in the United States, recently tested matcha from different businesses and regions. Matcha samples were taken from companies such as Starbucks (USA), RishiTea Co. (USA), Ecortren Ecologics Ltd. (Canada), The results of the study found that compared to ordinary green tea, drinking matcha tea can obtain more than 2-3 times the antioxidant ingredient-tea polyphenols. As we all know, tea polyphenols have many benefits, which are beneficial for weight control, anti-cancer, prevention and treatment of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Professor Chung. Yang of the University of New Jersey in the United States pointed out that a study in the American Scientific Literature indicates that the human body should consume at least 600-900 mg of catechol (about 3-4 cups of tea per day) to achieve the above effect.

Another ingredient that is good for human health is theanine. This unique ingredient originates from the special process of making matcha-shading of the picked tea leaves. “In the shading process of making matcha, it may make the leaves of tea trees produce more theanine, which is why tea has a grassy fragrance,” said Jeffrey, marketing director of Rishi. At the same time, the 2008 Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition also proposed that theanine can relieve fatigue and enhance mental state. Does this mean that the health benefits of matcha are much higher than that of green tea? Of course, at present, the comparison of the health and nutritional value of green tea and matcha in the academic circles has not been fully conclusive.

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2. How much is the price of matcha Green Tea on the international market?

Today’s Japanese matcha industry has grown very large. In addition to direct drinking, it is also widely used in many industries such as food, health products and cosmetics, such as domestic matcha cakes and matcha ice cream. When it comes to the price of matcha, many friends may be surprised. In the international market, every 40 grams of matcha is priced at ¥ 100-700. So, what kind of raw material will matcha cake cost for tens of RMB? What about matcha powder that sells for less than ¥ 50/100 grams on the Internet? Due to the disappearance of Chinese matcha tea culture, people have only a little knowledge of matcha, leading many consumers to use green tea powder as matcha. In fact, the two are very different in terms of raw materials, manufacturing technology, and price.

Matcha: The quality of raw materials is high. Tree species are cultivated by special breeding techniques. Fresh green tea is produced through a series of processes including steaming, milling, ultra-fine crushing and low-temperature drying.

Green tea powder: It is made by crushing and processing the finished green tea leaves directly. The low cost and low quality of green tea powder, it is not surprising that its price of 500 grams is less than 100 yuan.

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3. How to choose high-quality Matcha Green Tea?

The prices of matcha powder and green tea powder are very different, but they look so similar. Let ’s talk about how to distinguish between the two.

Color: Green tea is green, and green tea powder is yellow after brewing, which is very similar to normal green tea brewing.

Smell: Matcha tea is pure, with a slight grassy aroma, while green tea powder has an impure smell or insufficient fragrance.

Taste: Matcha has basically no bitterness

Brewing: Compared with green tea powder, the powder of matcha is very fine. It can make a lot of foam after brewing with water.

There are many ways to drink matcha. Simply use mineral water to brew it, and shake it until it foams. Adding a small amount of ice can make you feel the coolness of summer oncoming? In winter, you can brew with hot water and stir the tea scoops. In this way, I can feel the warmth in the harsh winter and can appreciate the different tea ceremony culture. Xiaobian can’t wait to have a drink.

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4. Where to buy high-quality matcha green tea from abroad?

The quality of matcha green tea in the domestic market is uneven, and it is difficult to tell whether it is true or false. It is difficult to buy imported matcha with good quality and reasonable price. For the North American market, high-quality matcha sellers are gathered here. I know a few, for example, DavidsTea. DavidsTea This is Canada’s largest tea production company (a US-listed company), headquartered in Montreal, and has the highest sales ranking in Canada. Xiaobian is here, recommend a few matcha teas from his house. The price ranges from ¥ 100-200 and it is not expensive. The estimated price of this kind of matcha in the world is much higher. Because it’s  New Year, it feels very classy and meaningful as a gift


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