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Chinese Green Tea – Best 9 Chinese Green Teas 2020

Best Nine Chinese Green Teas 2020

Best 9 Chinese Green Teas 2020

Here are Nine best and high-quality Chinese green teas for the year of 2020 with a high reputation in China. Most of the teas are named after their original producing areas.

1. West Lake Dragon Well Tea (西湖龙井Xī hú Lóngjǐng)

West Lake Longjing: Representative of Chinese green tea, produced around Hangzhou West Lake in Zhejiang Province, and used as tribute tea in ancient times. It is characterized by flat-shaped stir-fried green tea with green leaves and emerald brown tea, exuding the fragrance of grass or beans, and sweet. Picked around the Ching Ming Festival (around April 5) with a core and a leaf, it is considered the highest quality. Among them, Lion Peak Longjing, which is also the Lion Peak, is regarded as a premium product.

2. Biluochun (碧螺春 Bìluóchūn)

Biluochun: Produced in Dongshan and Xishan of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, especially in Dongshan citrus orchard, it is regarded as a high-grade product. It is fried green tea with Longjing tea, but its shape is spiral like a scallop. It was used as a tribute tea in ancient times. From the spring equinox to the valley rain period, they are picked with a core and a leaf.

3. Huangshan Maofeng Tea (黄山毛峰 Huángshān Máofēng)

Huangshan Maofeng: the representative of Anhui green tea, produced in the World Heritage Huangshan. It is characterized by roasted green tea with yellow and white hairs, with a transparent golden-brown tea color, and it smells of chestnuts. The premium product picked with a core and two leaves is called “sparrow tongue”. In 1955, it was identified as China’s top ten famous teas.

4. Taiping Monkey Houkui Tea (太平猴魁, Tàipíng Hóukuí)

Taiping Monkey Kui, a green tea-type pointed tea, is a famous historical tea in China. It was created in 1900. Has appeared in the “Top Ten Famous Tea” series unofficially selected. Taiping monkeys are produced in the areas of Xinming, Longmen and Sankou in Huangshan District (formerly Taiping County) in the northern foot of Huangshan City, Anhui Province.

The shape of the Taiping Monkey King has two leaves holding buds. It is flat and straight, stretches naturally, and is completely invisible. The leaf color is pale and green, the veins of the leaves are steady red, the blue fragrance is high, the taste is mellow and sweet, the soup color is clear and green, the bottom of the leaf is bright and green, and the buds and leaves become fat.

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5. Lu’an Melon Seed Tea (六安瓜片Lù’ān Guāpiàn )

Lu’an Melon Seed tea was a type of tribute tea for the imperial family during the Qing Dynasty. The Guangxu Emperor (1871-1908) and Empress Dowager Cixi were very fond of it.

Lu’an Melon Seed tea also has a very high nutritional value. It was widely used to prevent sunstroke by the Chinese during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

6. Xinyang Maojian Tea (信阳毛尖 Xìnyáng Máojiān)

Shanxin Maojian Tea and Kwaifeng Green Tea: Produced in Shanxin Town, Xingye County, Yulin City, Guangxi Province. Producers are best before and after Qingming. Baked green tea with white hair, brown tea with transparent gold color, fragrance on the entrance, diffuse Tea fragrance, refreshing.

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7. Lushan Yunwu Tea (庐山云雾 Lúshān Yúnwù Chá)

Lushan Yunwu is produced in Lushan, Jiangxi. Lushan, known as “Kuangluxiujiatianxia”, faces the Yangtze River in the north and Poyang Lake in the south. The climate is mild and the mountains and rivers are beautiful for the growth of tea trees. Lushan’s cloud buds show no traces of fat, beautiful lines, sweet flavors, and clear soups. They are the finest products in green tea.

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8. Nanjing Rain Flower Tea (南京雨花茶 Nánjīng Yǔ Huā Chá )

Nanjing Rain Flower Tea is a special type of green tea, which was named after the area it’s grown in: Yuhua tai, Nanjing City. It is also known in Chinese as Yu Hua Cha which is a local product of Nanjing.

Nanjing Rain Flower tea leaves are processed with great care and have a delicate appearance with a pine needle shape. It has a light, smooth, and sweet flowery taste and has received a high reputation in Southeast Asia so that people consider it to be the perfect gift.

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9. Huangshan Green Peony

Huangshan Green Peony: Produced in Anhui Province, from the Qingming Festival to the valley raining season, the leaves are picked from one core, one leaf to one core, three leaves, and then tied into a peony flower shape with threads. After adding hot water, it will bloom elegantly like a peony flower, with less astringency, long-lasting sweetness and fragrance.