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Benefits of Drinking Green Tea and the Disadvantages of Drinking Green Tea

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea is one of the main teas in the world. Green tea is a tea made without fermentation. It retains the natural fresh leaf components, and often drinks green tea can prevent cancer, reduce fat, lose weight, and reduce nicotine for smokers. Harm works well. There are also many types of green tea.

1. Drinking green tea often can invigorate people’s spirit, and effectively enhance the ability of drinkers to think and remember.

2. often drinking green tea can eliminate fatigue, promote their new Chen metabolic rate and be able to maintain a good heart, blood vessels, normal gastrointestinal function.

3. drunk green tea is also beneficial to health, as in green tea tannin, catechu hormone,  vitamin C is very high components, E and other content, it has an antioxidant effect is very good, so make your skin becomes firmer And flexible.

4. Drinking green tea has great benefits in preventing dental caries, and it is very suitable for children to prevent it.

5. Green tea contains a lot of trace elements required by the human body. Frequent drinking can effectively supplement the trace elements required by the body.

6. Green tea can strongly inhibit the generation of malignant tumors, and green tea can also prevent the growth of cancer cells in the human body.

7. Green tea can inhibit cell aging after effect, and the anti-aging effect of green tea is very strong.

8. People who exercise regularly can drink green tea properly because drinking green tea can effectively stimulate the central nervous system and improve people’s ability to exercise.

9. Often drinking green tea has a good elimination effect on bacteria, so green tea has a good recovery effect on diseases such as oral ulcers

10. Regular consumption of green tea can make people acid Vivo bases of equilibrium.
11. In summer, people usually choose to drink cold drinks to cool down, but if they choose to drink green tea, the cooling effect will be more significant.

The disadvantages of drinking green tea

1. Patients with gastric ulcers should not drink too strong tea, because green tea will increase the gastric acid content in the stomach, which is not good for the treatment of patients with gastric ulcers.

2. Green tea can refresh the brain and make the nerves in a state of excitement. Therefore, people with neurasthenia and frequent insomnia should drink it carefully, and they should never drink green tea before sleeping.

3. Drinking strong tea will cause a burden on the heart of patients with heart disease and cause blood pressure to rise, so patients with heart disease and high blood pressure should avoid drinking strong tea.

4. Because the tea polyphenols contained in green tea have a certain astringent effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa, people with constipation should not drink green tea. If green tea is cited, it will make constipation worse.

The green tea contains Caffeine and the cells will be of the iron element in the well and, while the role of iron is to promote blood, which will result in the loss of regular consumption of iron in vivo, resulting in deficiency anemia. So people with anemia should avoid drinking green tea.

6. Pregnant women during pregnancy not to drink green tea between, if the reference green tea may cause the body burden, dangerous.

7. bases contained in green tea to inhibit gastrointestinal calcium absorption quality, but also accelerate the discharge of body calcium, bone calcium patient and the patient should be carefully crisp drink.

8. If the patient is taking medicine, do not drink green tea, because the tannic acid contained in green tea will neutralize with many drugs, which will weaken the efficacy and affect the treatment.

9. Do not drink hot green tea in people with fever. Theophylline in green tea will increase the body temperature of patients, which is not conducive to the recovery of patients.

The right way to brew green tea

1. Up-cast method; that is, pour hot water first and then wait until the water temperature is reached before adding tea leaves. This method is suitable for tender stir-fry.

2. Medium investment method: Put tea first, then add one-third of hot water, and wait for the tea to absorb enough water to relax and then fill it with water.

3. Drop-in method; first add tea, then fill with water.

4. Cool first and then heat; first add tea and soak in a small amount of room temperature water for 5 minutes, and then add hot water.

The efficacy and role of green tea

Green tea has not been fermented during the production process, and China produces the most. Moreover, tea is hailed as a “national drink” in China, which also proves the rich nutrition in tea. The main effect of green tea is to prevent the occurrence of cancer, remove fats from the human body, and often drink green tea can effectively neutralize the damage to the body caused by radiation, which is good for skin whitening. The reference of green tea helps to increase the excitement of the central nervous system to achieve the purpose of refreshing the brain. Drinking green tea can also effectively reduce the blood lipid content of the drinker and help improve bad breath caused by gastrointestinal discomfort.

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